Avast! 7 Released

The Czech based corporation released the newest version of one of the best security suite in the market, Avast! 7. They added new and improved features to counter new security threats flooding the internet nowadays.

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What’s new?

One of the new feature to come with the new software is its new Hybrid Cloud Technologies. It includes real-time and streaming anti-viral updates to your security software via connection to the AVAST Virus Lab Cloud. It will be more efficient and productive than traditional definition downloading.

File Reputation System

The new file reputation system feature of avast! free edition.

Another feature included is its new File Reputation System. It determines the safeness of the file you open by gathering real-time feedback and rating from avast! users worldwide. This technology is being catered by existing paid security suites like Kaspersky, Norton, and Bitdefender, but avast! is the first to offer it free. (Rosenblatt, 2012)

New protective measures are now present on avast! 7 including AutoSandboxing, Browser Sandboxing, and WebRep. Auto Sandbox works like a virtual program runner in which suspicious programs are run. After it finishes running, avast will compile a comprehensive report about the software  and its behavior. It will then make a recommendation to the user if the program is safe or not.

Auto Sandbox Feature

The new auto sandbox feature of avast! 7 free edition.

The browser sandbox feature runs a browser inside a sandbox with just one click. It can prevent hijackers in harming your system through your internet browser.

With extended support to Apple™’s Safari™, avast’s WebRep browser plugins provide greater protection against phishing sites, including heuristics detection of new phishing sites. It can now also detect fake website certificates to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks to https websites.

Avast’s installation is now smoother than ever before. It is also more customized and compatible with other anti-virus software to act as the second line of defense against threats.

Its new Remote Assistance feature helps you take support from other friends or colleagues by sharing your desktop to them bypassing firewalls and servers smoothly.

One can also be mesmerized by avast’s new easy-to-use interface. It is lined with a beautiful metallic matte finish with the combination of orange and chrome black as its color.


Easy-to-Use inteface of Avast! 7

Avast! 7 is now available for downloading in different download sites like CNET’s Download.com and Softonic . You can also visit its official website here.

You can visit and see the full feature list of Avast’s Security Suite from avast’s official website here.


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